Lily Carew (a.k.a. Lily Clarke) is a character on Jekyll and Hyde played by Stephanie Hyam. As Lily Clarke, she serves as a love interest to Robert Jekyll, and represents for Robert everything that is pure and good in the world. Unfortunately for Robert, Lily is a spy working with the MIO.


The first person Robert meets in England is the beautiful young Lily Clarke and it is a classic case of love at first sight. Lily represents for Robert everything that is pure and good in the world – everything that is at threat from Hyde. She selflessly looks after her invalid mother and is very kind and understanding and feisty, with a sophisticated metropolitan side that Robert at first finds unnerving – but nevertheless highly alluring. shortly after, Lily revealed that she had Secretly been working with MIO the entire time and her real name is revealed to be Lily Carew, the granddaughter of Sir Danvers Carew, whom Edward Hyde murdered. But she does care for Hyde.

Lily knows martial arts and is a talented scientist specialising on bio-chemistry.


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