Sackler is a character on Jekyll and Hyde played by Tom Rhys Harries.


Sackler is a sharpshooter recruited into the MIO by Roger Bulstrode. He was previously unaware of the existence of MIO, and was at first understandably skeptical of the legitimacy of the division and his supposed recruitment. However, he is quickly convinced when shapeshifting is revealed to him by way of his own likeness being duplicated before his very eyes.

Sackler displays a great love of poetry, and often responds to questions, orders, or requests by quoting lines particularly fitting to the situation.


Season 1Edit

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Your secret's safe within my heart, and my heart belongs to you, darling."
  • "Tell me where is fancy bred. Or in the heart or in the head?"
  • "I, said the Sparrow, with my bow and arrow, I killed Cock Robin."
  • "Dead. Long dead. And my heart is a handful of dust."


There is a Gallery Page for this character!

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